Why Western?

Rigorous Team Expectations. Tremendous Customer Satisfaction.


By selecting Western for your project, you are choosing an industrial contractor with a reputation for delivering quality results with high integrity. Western received Siemens’ 2006 Award of Excellence and the USPS Supplier Excellence award in 2008 and 2010. Our success is attributable to:

Experience and Personnel Capability:

Our team of program managers, engineers, and field personnel have decades of experience successfully completing capital improvement and maintenance projects for industrial clients in diverse market segments.

Safety Program:

Safety is Western’s first priority, which is why we maintain a disciplined program that includes new-hire safety orientation, recurring and site-specific training, daily job walks and job hazard meetings, and senior management oversight. We continually work in airports, USPS facilities, coal-fired power plants, food and beverage plants, and other diverse industrial facilities with the highest standard of safe work practices. Our commitment to safety is reflected in our low EMR, and is one reason for our exceptional employee retention record.

Project Management Process

Western’s project management process includes:

  • The development of and adherence to detailed work plans
  • Recurring and proactive communication between the project manager, customer representative, site superintendent, engineering team, subcontractors, and safety manager
  • Quality control through the use of checklists over a project’s lifecycle
  • A commitment of the project team and Western’s leadership to high quality and customer satisfaction
  • Recurring senior management review of project performance to ensure each project team has the necessary support to be successful and follow Western’s policies and procedures

Quality Assurance Program:

Western maintains a system of detailed checks and verifications that are used throughout each project’s lifecycle. These lists are tailored to ensure all customer requirements are satisfied prior to final customer inspection and acceptance.

Commitment to Supporting Field Operations:

Western is committed to maintaining high quality field operations. This commitment starts with the quality of our people and our dedication to safety. Our teams are provided with the right equipment and tools and the training to operate them properly. Finally, our teams are staffed with exceptional project managers and field superintendents who are well organized, experienced, and demand high quality and professional conduct.